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It all began on Thursday, the 29th of May 2003, when Dariusz Osiński had the idea to invite via the Internet, all interested ceramic artists to a tea house in Warsaw’s Old Town.  A trademark red brick on a coffee table was the sign for others to join. The goal of the meeting was a holistic integration of the ceramic community. The idea to meet monthly, on every 3rd Thursday, or “Ceramic Thursday”, continues to operate today under the same name. Two years later, as a result of these gatherings the Polish Ceramic Association was registered and born on the 7th of November 2005. Its members include graduates from fine arts academies, craftspeople, technologists, scientists and archeologists. Dariusz Osiński has served as the Association President since 2005.

During its 10+ years of activity the Polish Ceramic Association has organized:

12 editions of the Warsaw Ceramic Fair, a day long exhibition of ceramic works from 80-100 ceramic studios from around the country, as well as from the Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Armenia; firing raku ware in field kilns; symposiums; art exhibits, including ceramic sculptures on water; an international photo exhibit of ceramics on the web by artists from 35 countries.
The 13th edition is underway and it will take place on the 10th of June 2017.  

3 editions of the National Ceramic Competition in Zakopane (The 4th edition is currently underway).

A series of workshops for people with disabilities.
A series of workshops for art teachers.
A series of lectures for national symposiums.

The Association also organized several exhibitions for the “Many Faces of Ceramics” series.

The Association publishes an annual PROCERAMIKA Bulletin that summarizes its activities, presents and advertises interesting events, and conducts interviews with fascinating people.

The meeting of ceramic artists in a tea house in Warsaw Old Town years ago became an inspiration for further joint activities and the birth of the Polish Ceramic Association. Similarly, the meeting of Auli Suvanto-Salokannel and Darek Osiński in October of 2013 resulted in an artistic exchange between Helsinki and Warsaw. In March 2015 we hosted 15 Finnish painters from Haaga Art Society, Haagan Taideseura ry in Warsaw. Today’s event is our return visit, which is significant because it’s in conjunction with celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Haaga Art Society, coupled with the 10th anniversary of the Polish Ceramic Association. We are delighted to present the joint efforts of our organizations, in the combined Polish-Finnish exhibition.

Special thanks to the Haaga Art Society, Haagan Taideseura ry for the invitation,
Kaapelitehdas, Puristamo Gallery for the opportunity to present our work,
as well as the Center for the Promotion of Culture of the Praga Południe District of Warsaw, whose representative, Marcin Kokoszko, is the exhibition’s curator.

Special thanks to the Polish Embassy in Helsinki.

EXHIBITION: 05-18 September 2016
(Tellberginkatu 1, 00-180 HELSINKI)
VERNISSAGE: 5th of September at 5 pm

We look forward to seeing you there!


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